March 19, 2009


1. Whenever we drive over train tracks, we all throw our hands up in the air and scream WOO HOO. Every time. Yes, we also do the "hold your breath" thing while driving in a tunnel.

2. Peep. Not pee or pee-pee. Peep. Even the grown-ups around here announce a peep break now. Fancy.

3. Just for Now ( Imogen Heap) and One Night In Bangkok ( Lost remix) are both triggers for immediate singing and dancing. Every time.

4. It makes me just stupid-happy to have the only kids on the street dancing the entire time any and all parades are going by. My kids hear music? They dance. Also, that gets them tons of candy.

5. It's no fun going to the gym unless I've got my I-Pod loaded. It's no fun having my I-Pod loaded unless it's set to as loud as it can get. Result? I kind of think I might have a wee bit of hearing loss in my right ear. Been hitting the gym a lot lately.

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