February 22, 2009

Random Writing

Raegan signs all of her artwork now. She no longer asks "what letter next", she just does it. She can sign Kael's name as well, but only does so on drawings she isn't fond of.........
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Davinie said...

Love that!
Payton has just started doodling and a couple of times, her "work" actually looks.... like something! Morgan took to art right away but it's taken PJ a bit longer. I'm glad to see her finally starting to get into it. The funny thing is that they both started the same way. A circle. Big eyes, a smile. hair. And legs. Morgan did toes. But Payton did some long model legs on her latest creation. I'm going to take a photo of her work before I forget what it was or toss them.

Davinie said...

P.S. Rae does a great job coloring her pages! Morgan still isn't into coloring in books so her art is totally different from Rae's.