August 04, 2006


It's 5:50 and Raegan is awake. Really awake. I fill a sippy with milk and cuddle her out of her crib;
"Mama Hold You." taking her back to my bed in a desperate attempt to lull her back to sleep.

"Mama ni-night. Mama sleep in Mama's bed. Raegan sleep in Mama's bed. Here's your boo-ie, drink. Raegan ni-night."

I close my eyes. All is quiet for several minutes. Then, softly, I feal a little hand.. petting my head. Smoothing my hair away from my face. Slowly I open my eyes and see my little girl laying next to me softly staring back. I reach up and smooth her hair off of her face, pet her head. Close my eyes. Back comes her little hand... softly stroking my cheek. Petting my face. Then her tiny hand stills...

"BEEEP!" she yells as she squishes my nose.

Good morning Goofball.


LifeIsGood said...

These are the moments we cherish forever!

Don't you love how they know when you are going to be somewhat irritated so they do something ultra-cute!

You'll have to take a nap with the kids today! If Raegan ever gets tired!! ;)

The Real Mamasita said...

I love how sweet they can be first thing in the morning. Then we remember that they are only little ones and only so much can be expected until "BEEP!"

To hard not to chuckle to yourself, no matter how tired you are.

alyca said...

That was great!!! I was going to start tearing up about how sweet this story totally got me!

jc_people said...

Ha ha!! I just love the fooling that our little turds do!