July 21, 2006

A Trip Down Memory Lane

From Alyca when Raegan was 7 months old:

Reasons why Babies are better than Cats:

1. Babies do not, in general, try to attack you when you rub their bellies

2. Babies do not try to eat your hand when they are feeling frisky.

3. Babies get diapers, and when they poop it is generally contained. They don't poop on the floor and try to cover it up with the bath mat

4. Babies who are breast fed have poop that does not stink (so I am told). Cats have poop that smells like, well, cat poop

5. Baby pee does not smell. Cat poop is a good cold remedy. When inhaled it cleans out the sinuses and makes your eyes water

6. Babies like to be held. For long periods of time. Cats like to be held. For short periods of time

7. When a baby doesn't want to be held anymore, they cry or fuss. When a cat doesn't want to be held anymore, they claw a hold in a delicate area of skin

8. Babies do not cause you physical pain (after birth). Cats try to dismember you on a daily basis.

9. Cats will let you pet them for a few minutes, babies will let you pet them all the time.

10. Cats live maybe 18 years if you are good to them. Babies live WITH you maybe 18 years if you are good to them, then they are good to you from elsewhere.

11. Cats shed. A lot. Especially when you have two of them. Babies are bald, and what little hair they lose is easily blended in with the carpet.

12. Did I mention how cats like to poke you??

13. Cats drool (some cats). Babies drool, but they don't shake their head and flick it all over you when they do.

14. Cats throw themselves at your bedroom door when they want your attention. Babies aren't that mobile.

15. Cats climb on top of the refrigerator and look at you and expect you to be proud of them. If your baby does this, you can send them to Ripley's Believe it or Not and
get a ton of money.


Made my day, finding this comment again. Thanks, Alyca!


LifeIsGood said...

Now THAT is funny!

alyca said...

oh, yeah......

jc_people said...

That's just awesome!! I'd like to point out, however that babies rarely have the opportunity to slam face-first into the screen door, hence we miss that gut-wrenching hilarity with our offspring. Bummer.