July 03, 2006

Ever-Widening Dimple Place

Isn't it weird how sitting at home surrounded by your own mess and chaos is so boring, but sitting at someone else's home surrounded by their mess and chaos is so much FUN?

I had such a fun weekend.. And that is VERY sad as I didn't do anything. On Saturday we ( and by we I mean Rae, Kael and I) went to Jen's house and ate her food and drank her mighty yummy iced coffee while watching her work. Raegan played, I sat there doing nothing. And it was fun. On Sunday we ( and by we I mean the same group as previous) went to Davinies house and.... ate her food and drank her juice while watching Raegan and Morgan play in the mud. Lots of eating/drinking whilst watching others be active. Yeah. At this rate I'll never fit my pre-preg clothes... many of which I haven't worn since BEFORE Raegan.

Plans for the Fourth... we have none. Being broke as a joke kind of puts a crimp in any big shin-dig that may have happened. At this point we're actually budgeting GAS. Still discussing if we want to bring Kael out in the HOT noonish sun tomorrow and attend the Pet Parade in Bend. Would be fun, but that little man is CRANKY when he's hot! Maybe we'll just go to watch.. not sure. Raegan needs to do something! Plus, I am in desperate need for fodder for my rantings... And seriously, no good pictures lately. We do nothing.

Except for all that sitting.


LifeIsGood said...

Hey there is a parade downtown in Redmond at 10am and it is usually pretty cool.
Also, you are always welcome to join us here for our 4th festivities. Call me

Mama-Beans said...

No, I won't barge in on you all last-minute like that.


jc_people said...

Hey, no such thing as barging, if you are invited then you must show up.

You've been invited dipshit, so get your ass to bbq!!


LifeIsGood said...

There now aren't you glad you came over?