April 28, 2005

tantrum in effect

Well I'm going to have an absolute fit. There is something wrong with my stupid camera, and my pictures aren't all downloading right. Some of them have a streak accross the middle, or are completely blacked out, but when I view them on the camera they are just fine!! It's in the downloading that they get messed up. Darn it!!

Raegan took a bath today for the first time just sitting in the tub, not in a baby seat. The pictures are so cute! But I can't share them. Nor can I share the pictures taken while Papa was down visiting, as they refuse to download as well. Maybe I'll take the memory chip to Wal Mart and get them developed there? You'd think if they are perfect when viewed on the camera, then the error was in my computor when downloading?


I'll keep you posted.

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