February 21, 2014

Crazy Hair Day!

They designed the styles themselves...

February 09, 2014

Redmond Oregon Snowpocolypse 2014

Record breaking snow this weekend meant my kids finally got to
experience a true winter like I remember having as a little one,
though I've never experienced crazy snow like this! My trusty little
truck got us around town just fine ( as long as the chains are on..)
and after a trip to the theater for a mid-day thawing we went back out
with our BFF's and did some more time in the snow! I even got a little
bit of snow shoeing in!

December 18, 2013

Bippity Boppity Woo Hoo!

We watched a "visit Disneyland" show on Netflix with the kiddos a few weeks before we visited ( ooh, sneaky parents!) and they had a segment on the Bippity Boppity Boutique on there... and Raegan was enchanted. She's nine, but she is the most innocent nine year old ever; it's all still magic, to her. So of course I promptly made an appointment, for the mini makeover with hair, makeup, and a tu-tu.... It was a complete surprise to her, and she giggled herself silly when she found out after we rushed over after our second "CARS" ride to make her appointment..

Raegan is not a fan of having her hair brushed, she has a very sensitive scalp. There was NO complaining, but her face said a lot, lol!!
It was right about  now that she noticed all the other little girls with their full Princess package wandering around.. the full dress, royal treatment... she never said a word, and she never would, because she's just that kind of sweet... but her mama saw her baby with that look of longing... I couldn't scream UPGRADE fast enough!! Thanks to a few gift cards from a very generous friend, I was able to do so without re-mortgaging the house.. it was close, though..

Kael gets all seated up next to his sister for his "Knight Makeover"

Manicure time!

And makeup..

Kael, less than thrilled to have 1: people looking at him 2: people taking pictures of him and 3: his own "fairy godmother"
Fairy dust..

Being "knighted"
The full package included a professional photoshoot...

And a trip next door to the Princess Pavillion to meet the princesses!! We skipped the huge line, jumping in front of hundreds of tired parents and overstimulated tiny little girls. We even had our own herald! "Now announcing Princess Raegan and Prince Kael!"
My sweet girl. She could NOT have been more awkward. She was by far the oldest kiddo partaking in this, and she's just so... well, awkward... they noticed and took some supreme extra steps with her. Mama cried. Seriously, I was a snotty nosed wreck. 

Look at her "squat curtsy"!! OMG, the adorable here was PAINFUL. 

It took some serious arm twisting to get Kael in there...
She LOVED it!
We even ran into the REAL Fairy Godmother outside of Cinderella's castle, who was a GEM in posing for some pictures for us!

It didn't last long; 2 hours later she got a tight-hair migraine that almost took her out for the rest of the day. A little revision on her hair-do was all it took to make things right again!.